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Past Pups - page 2
Hi Kelly!!! I just wanted to know if you are going to be having any new teacup yorkies any time soon!!!!! We want another one so badly!!!....and Peanut is the best and cutest little boy in the entire world and we wouldn't go to anyone else but you!!! Let me know!!!! Here is Peanut now...he is happy and healthy!!! and wants a new friend!! :)
I just wanted to let you know that Presley is doing very well and is as cute as ever. She is my little spoiled baby and my world pretty much revolves around her now. She is just to cute to ignore. I attached a picture of her in her bed with her new wall décor above it. This was her Christmas present from my roommate. She found it under the tree and unwrapped it a little early. It is a little plaque that says drama queen, which perfectly describes my little baby girl. Thank you so much again for her.
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