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Hi Kelli,
I showed Ivo at the Oklahoma City show and he did very well. It was very cold and raining the day of this picture; everything was soaked. Not a good picture day but he looks great!
Best Regards,
These two sisters Izzie (2.3 lbs) and Bella (4.1 lbs) at 6 months old have just gotten back on Friday the 12th of Nov from being neutered and chipped. Jolene said, the veterinarian clinic staff of ladies had a difficult time letting them go home. They were carrying them and putting bows in their hair while they continued to wait on customers. Jolene said , they were like 12 year old girls playing with dolls. Both girls are doing fine. Bill and Jolene
Wanted you to know that Maks, now known as Bacardi, is very happy and healthy. We love him to death and he is getting to be such a handsome boy. Thought I would share a few pictures of him taken today. His coat is just gorgeous and I couldn't be happier with him. Thanks again for allowing us to bring him into our family and love him!
Blessings, Sharon
Ishlaine and Idahlia are real little dolls. Ishlaine now has her Nat/International Championship Jungsten and Idahlia is working on hers. We love your dogs and have enjoyed doing business with you as you are a honest person and breeder. It has been so nice to keep in touch with you and "talk doggies"!
Pat Ross
Pippin is doing great. it was in the sixties here. he loved it. he was running around like a crazy dog out there. we had a lot of fun. snow gone. A LOT of wet and muddy. Pippin gets his feet washed when we come in from outside. all the pets are getting along. Pippin is superior to my maincoon but under my ragdoll. so they all have there places and its working out fine. He is such my Baby we are always together. I love him so much. I think he really loves me too. Thank you for my wonderful puppy. he is so healthy and happy..
The girls are doing great..I love them both! Honami is such a sweet girl..rowdy but very very sweet and.Wacu is sweet as the dickens, she sure is a little character! Adorable & she follows me every where! Best wishes Paula
Hi Kelli,
She truly has filled our home with Love & Joy, and we are blessed to have her. Thank you for giving her a great foundation. The vet said she has seen nice looking yorkies, but Bella is absolutely the most beautiful and healthy. She said it was nice to see that vs. some of the junk "prairie dogs" that come, due to bad breeding. We will update you soon.
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Our Milisandra - AKA Goldie - is such a pretty girl and has taken the hearts of her family. She has done very well in the show ring and is Queen of the House!
Chloe Jane is a special addition to our family of fur babies.
She is small, cute, energetic and has a wonderful, fun personality.
Kelli, thank you for letting us bring this wonderful little soul into our home. She is just the best little girl. You can see her at www.houseofchloejane.com.

Debbie and Randy
Miss Torrey
Izzy & Bella at age 7
Past Pups - page 1
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Tessie now and then